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Blast Freezer Manufacturers in Chennai

Blast Freezer & Trolley Freezer Manufacturers in Chennai

Ramtech Refrigeration offers a very reliable and quality Blast Freezers with state of the art cooling coils. High velocity fans direct air on product being frozen. Ramtech Refrigeration is the leading Blast Freezer Manufacturers in Chennai.

Blast Freezer manufacturers in Chennai
Trolley Freezer manufacturers in Chennai

The key USP’s of our IQFs are:

  • Quality Blast Freezer Manufacturers in Chennai
  • Efficient and durable
  • Cooling coils are made of food grade stainless steel with Aluminum fins
  • Easy inspection and maintenance access for maintaining superior hygiene standards
  • Defrosting option for prolonged hours of operations
  • Various customized options available
  • Options to use Ammonia & Freon as refrigerants
Ramtech Refrigeration

Ramtech Refrigeration
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