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Spiral Freezer Manufacturers in Chennai

Spiral Freezer

Spiral freezers can freeze a large quantity of products in less space, especially products that need a long holding time, such as meats. Based on your site space, you can use single drum or double drum. Spiral freezers are widely used for all kinds hof products. The structure of a single drum spiral freezer is compact and its capacity is 250kg/h-3000kg/


  • POULTRY INDUSTRY : Chicken parts, Chicken patties, Chicken nuggets, Marinated chicken chunk, Breaded chicken parts
  • RED MEAT INDUSTRY : Meat patties, Meatballs, Raw hamburger, Breaded fried cuts.
  • SEA FOOD INDUSTRY : Cooked shrimp, Skin on shrimp, Scallops.
  • BAKERY PRODUCTS : Cooked shrimp, Skin on shrimp, Scallops, Pizza crust, Pie, Cookie, Pasta, Bread dough.
  • PREPARED FOODS : Packaged Food in Trays, Shrimp in Trays, Ice Cream Cups, Products requiring a long retention time.
Spiral Freezer manufacturers in Chennai


  • Stainless steel product belting
  • High efficiency aluminum coils or MS Hot dip galvanized coils
  • High efficiency airfoil fans
  • Factory assembled modules. No site assembly of components required
  • Aluminum and stainless steel constructed
  • Easy access to sanitation and maintenance
  • Safe, trouble-free operation
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